16 May 2007

Haven't they anything better to do?

Of all the things in this country to get worked up about, voting in Eurovision is hardly top of the list. This hasn't stopped Lib Dem Richard Younger-Ross from posting an Early Day Motion on the subject, the BBC reports. Apparently he's concerned that the contest is based "largely on narrow nationalistic grounds" and consequently damaging to relationships between the people of Europe.

I'm sure that the good people of Teignbridge are overjoyed to find that they are so few issues affecting them that their MP has time to pursue this sort of key strategic issue. This is the sort of nonsense that brings politics in the UK into disrepute - the sort of student union crap that would be frowned on in district councils - let alone in the mother of parliaments.

The real kicker though is that we can't even shrug and blame the pointless Lib Dems for yet again wasting public time and money on nonsense - because Conservative David Amess has gone and done exactly the same thing. Just less successfully at the moment, at least in terms of signatures and coverage...


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